Dropbox Backups

You can never underestimate the importance of backups – in particular for an online presence where your files and data are in the ‘cloud’. Most of the time people don’t appreciate the importance until it is too late. There really isn’t any excuse not to back up your files, especially when it is so easy to do. Here is how I’m currently doing it:

I’m currently using an awesome WordPress plugin called WordPress Backup to Dropbox to back up all my hosted WordPress websites up into my Dropbox account each night. You can find out more specific details on the plugin directly from the author’s own blog.

Once the files are up in Dropbox I can sync them down to a folder on my iMac, which then gets captured by my Time Machine drive.

For extra hardcore points, I also swap out my Time Machine drive each month to an off-site location.

So not only do I get a nightly snapshot of my websites, but using Time Machine I also have a history of past versions. So in the event any of my sites get ‘hacked’ I can roll back to a previous version quite easily.


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