Memory Upgrade

As I had been doing more things with my iMac lately, from using blender, to learning iOS apps with XCode, I was finding that my computer was slowing down somewhat. At the time it only had 4G of memory, which is more than adequate for most users, however I’m special and I tend to have many windows open, and on multiple workspaces. It was time for a memory upgrade.

So i went and purchased 16G (4x4G) of memory from Ramcity, (recommended by whirlpool forums) and i haven’t looked back. I can do far more things on my mac now without it slowing down and swapping memory to disk (which was the source of my poor performance).

I can’t recommend enough the service I got from Ramcity. I ordered the memory online and received it the next day. A happy Phil is a more productive Phil.

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