Riding a Bike to Work

I am now finally riding a bike to work! It has only been about 3 years in the making from when I originally decided to take the challenge till today.

I purchased a Avanti Blade 2.0 bike about 2 years ago, rode it for about 2 weeks, and then put it in the shed for the spiders to build their webs on.

Last year back in October I planned on riding my bike a little bit more seriously. Back then I rode 8km and I struggled with it. Today I’m now able to ride from home to work each day (it is about 22km each way).

So far in the past 2 months I have ridden over 2,000 km and I am feeling great!

Granted I am cheating a little, as I converted my bike using a conversion kit from BrizzieBikes, however it has mean the difference of not being able to ride into work, and catching public transport.

It isn’t all easy though. It is only a 200W motor (it is illegal to have anything higher in Australia) so it really just assists with climbing some of the really steep hills on my route in and back.

And of course in true geek style, my goal wouldn’t be complete without attaching a video recorder to my bike and recording by journey

Riding a bike to work

Riding a bike to home

Both videos were recorded using a Go Pro Hero2 that I loaned from a work colleague. The videos had been sped up by 450%, and as a result the sound of the electric motor is quite high pitched and it resonated through the handlebars. During a normal run, they are very silent.

If you want to track my progress then you can follow me on Strava. (Strava is a website that tracks your progress with other riders).

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