Mars Lander Game - Update

Well that was a short lived project.

After a month of development, the Mars Lander project is already ‘dead’.

So why did it die so quickly? It seems to suffer the same fate as many beginning open source projects that I’ve come across. You can’t just ‘wing it’. If you don’t have a plan, goals or direction on where you want a project to go then it will ultimately fail by indecision. Sadly, the project got bogged down with simple things such as should we use tabs or spaces, and a few arguments about coding styles rather than the actual game.

One of the things I struggled with was the workflow. Pull requests should be independent ‘objects’ that merge into the main code. They shouldn’t have a hierarchy of dependencies and order of merges in them. It made it very hard to submit extra pull requests for a project when the code base was in a constant inconsistent state with pending pull requests.

It has definitely been a great learning experience and I have learnt a lot with how github workflows work. It was also great to get a small taste into collaborating on a project again, but its time to put this project behind me and move on to other things now.

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