Blogging From an iPad

The iPad was originally designed to be a consumption device, i.e. for reading, viewing and listening. It wasn’t designed to be a content creation device. Over time though, some of the apps have become more sophisticated.

Since getting my iPad from my lovely wife, I have been using it on my daily commute into work (an hour bus ride) to read the news, Facebook, read a magazine. Lately however I have been ‘creating’ on the iPad rather than being just a consumer. It has actually become quite enjoyable. Because my stop is the first bus stop of the day, I get to sit up the back of the bus and type away (quietly on the iPad onscreen keyboard).

A good example is this blog post. I am using a very good product called Blogsy

I won’t bore you with a comprehensive review, (there are plenty of other sites for that) but it does allow you to drag and drop elements from the web (such as pictures, video, links, etc) directly into your blog post.

In fact this entire blog post was written in the back of the bus.. Now how is that for mobility!

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