Pioneer Space Sim

A game of lonely space adventure

Pioneer Space sim is a space adventure game set in the milkyway galaxy at the turn of the 31st century. It is an open source game that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

You can find all about Pioneer Space Sim from their website.

Early screenshot of pioneer-space-sim

I personally had been involved with the pioneer project since April 2011. My main contribution and claim to fame so far is the port over to Mac OSX back in April 2011. I maintained the OSX build, as well as the odd addition to the base game, plus a few bug fix here and there. I’m currently learning about how the lua API works and am planning on extending it so that others can add mission scripts to the game.

The project is currently hosted on Github, and I encourage anyone who wants to participate to join the team there. I also have my own repository where I maintain the Mac OSX port, although it has become quite outdated these days.

Sadly I haven’t been keeping up with the project lately as it was taking a fair chuck of my time. I may get back into developing for pioneer sometime in the future however.

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