Pioneer Space Sim Alpha 30

The pioneer team have just released alpha30 of pioneer space sim. As part of this release I’ve just compiled and uploaded the ‘pioneer space sim – alpha 30’ for Mac OSX.

A select few of the new features in this release are:

  • The new model system
  • Improved atmosphere rendering
  • New autopilot

A full change-log can be viewed here.

A special OSX only feature was also added that launches the model viewer when the option key is held down on application launch. Previously you had to ‘compile your own’ if you wanted to launch the modelviewer (it was a separate application). Now it is part of the single app bundle. This should be a big help for those who might want to add mods to the game. Details on how to mod pioneer can be found on the wiki site.

I’ve been part of the pioneer team for the past 2 years and it has been an incredible journey from first OSX release being back in April 2011 (alpha 10) to the present. I will continue to support and maintain the OSX version of pioneer as bringing ‘games’ to the OSX platform.

For full details of pioneer space sim then I suggest you checkout the main site.

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