COVID-19 Cleanup

It’s the first blog post for the year 2020 and already it is four months in. Sadly it isn’t the best time for the world. The global pandemic of COVID-19 is really changing the way we all live and play with social distancing measures taking place in many countries.

While I’ve not been able to get out and about it has given me some time to do some cleanup and house-keeping of my environment, hobbies and interests.

I’ve spent the past few days cleaning up my local git repositories as well as those on my github.

I even checked up on an old git repository of pioneer to see if I could get back into doing some development work for it again. The project has advanced so far along now I don’t think I can keep up with it anymore.

I might have have a poke around and see what other projects I could get involved with (or maybe just complete one of my own many incomplete projects).

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